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Modification, installation, repair or upgrade any kind of locks
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• Spare window locks, deadbolts, vaults, restricted devices, and master systems

24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738

Auto Locksmith Services

Our locksmith vans are stationed all around Newcastle. We’re just a phone call away for customers with car lock problems.

  • Automobile lockout
  • Club Locks
  • Correct or Switch out Ignition or Door locks
  • Emergency Locksmith Services

Every now and then, drivers encounter problems concerning their vehicles. The problems may vary, but no matter how big or small that problem is, it will always end up being a big issue particularly because vehicles are a valuable everyday commodity. If you have discovered that the main problem is your ignition key, don’t panic. Call our auto locksmith for immediate attention — we can handle that problem for you. If your car happens to be one of the newer models with duplicate-proof ignition, we can provide you with a genuine ignition key suitable for that brand. Our auto locksmith services are always prepared for all sorts of worst-case-scenarios.

And speaking of worst case scenarios, there are even times when absent-mindedness can lead to shameful results, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than vehicle lockouts. If this should ever happen to you don’t try to pick the door lock by yourself, unless you want to permanently damage the locking system of your car. Call our expert auto locksmiths instead to relieve you from all the hassle and additional expenses.

We have countless locksmith vans available 24/7 all around Newcastle.

Emergency Lock Repair & Replacement

Do you want your locks repaired or replaced without having to wait and waste precious time? Call our our emergency locksmiths to get immediate results!

Rekey or generate new critical master device
Modify, install, fix or upgrade any sort of lock
Key replacement & repair - Locksmith New CastleDoor device adjustment, installation, and repairs
Set up and change cabinet locks
Supply and fit vaults

Our fleet of Mobile Locksmiths are stationed in all areas in and around Newcastle. If you want to make sure if we service your area, don’t hesitate to call our 24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738.

Lost or Stolen keys

At times, it happens when we’re at our best. No matter how alert we want to be throughout the day, but when you reach for your keys and find that they are not there–there’s nothing much you can do about it. The same goes for someone who had their keys stolen. Our locksmiths understand that situation very well, but don’t fret. We will help you get out of such mess with our excellent key duplication service. On top of that, we’ll even help you setup a new and more secure locking system in case if that thief attempts to break-in your house using the key he stole from you. Please call us immediately  through our 24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738.

24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738

Home Safes

Locksmith Newcastle can also assist you in opening your vault if ever you completely forgotten your combination code to your lock. Our experts can open your safe without damaging your vault.

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith New Castle - Lock repair

We’ve all experienced that one moment of carelessness, especially when you’re running late to work. You try to cram everything into one like brushing your teeth while combing your hair or don your necktie while your mouth is chewing that last portion of club sandwich. You grab your stuff and step out the door. Just when you’re about to beat the clock, you reach for the keys in your pocket only to find out that you left it in your bedroom. To make things worst, you turn the doorknob but it’s locked! Before you throw a brick to the window or desperately attempt to climb the roof gutter, try to think clearly. There’s an easier and faster way of resolving the problem. Just dial (02) 4025 9738 and ask the assistance of our expert locksmiths. Our mobile locksmiths are stationed in every part of Newcastle including your neighborhood! Our residential locksmith services include lock repairs and replacement, key duplication, house lockouts and many more!

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commerical Locksmith New Castle - Lock SecurityCommercial establishments call for a higher need of security. Because it’s a venue for money, it’s always a prime target for robbers and thieves. A simple knob lock just won’t do. If you want to purchase the latest brand of locks, call our commercial locksmith services. When running a business, it’s always important to consider the security of your office. It’s highly recommended that you install a deadbolt lock above the knob. You may also want to purchase one of our state-of-the-art digital locks to save you the hassle of office lockouts whenever you lose the key. You may also want to check our list of biometric locks–in case you’re office is filled with tardy employees. If you are interested to purchase our products, we’re available 24/7. Dial through our hotline: (02) 4025 9738.

24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738

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We’re just a phone call away to resolve all your locksmith issues. Call us if you want to know more about our services in full detail. If you’re currently dealing with a lock issue such a broken key or a lockout, we’ll give you a quote at an affordable rate!