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Emergency Locksmith Services

Whenever a customer encounters a problem with her keys, Locksmith Newcastle will be there to save the day. Operating round the clock, our locksmiths are always on alert for any distressing calls.

At Locksmith Newcastle, our experts operate as a 24-hour emergency locksmith patrol. When a client calls our hotline, their needs are directed to our locksmiths. In just a snap, our mobile van will rev towards the place where the customer is located. Promptness and efficiency–these are two words our business lives by!

Since we operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, we can reach our customers even during ungodly hours! Whether it’s a lost key, home or vehicular lockouts, overnight installation of locks, or lock and key repairs, there’s nothing Locksmith Newcastle can’t do.

24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738

Our Emergency Locksmith Services include:

  • Emergency lockouts–unlocking homes or cars
  • Rekey or new key master system
  • Change, install, repair, upgrade any type of lock
  • Door accessories and other hardware replacement, installation, and repairs
  • Cabinet lock installation and Replacement
  • Supplying and fitting of Vault
  • Our mobile locksmiths service in Newcastle and its surrounding areas

Emergency Locksmith Services New Castle

When it comes to keys and locks, there’s always something bound to happen. It may not be tomorrow or next week, but it can happen in the instance where we least expected it. It isn’t just plain intuition; it’s downright logical. Keys are small. It’s easy to regard compared to the money or credit card in your wallet and other pawnable accessories like watches and jewelry. However, we will realize their true value when we lose or break them. Without keys, we’re practically helpless–you can’t drive your car, you can’t get into your office, and you can’t get into your house! That’s where our emergency locksmith services come in.

Emergency Locksmith Newcastle will be right on your doorsteps!

We can unlock any locks, repair any keys, and fix whatever locksmith problems you may have!


Unless you are so used to taking the train or taxis, your car is an indispensable means of transportation. As much as possible, you car has to be gassed and in tiptop shape for all your travels such as going to the work, grocery, or anywhere. Your car has to be well-maintained so that you won’t end up stuck in the streets. But then, what happens when the only thing that’s keeping you from going to your next stop is your door lock or ignition key? This can happen in several ways: you misplaced your keys and can’t remember where you last put it; you may have dropped it and you’re unable to recover them; someone must have stolen them while you were busy doing something, or worst case scenario, you left them in the ignition lock and the door is locked–now that’s embarrassing! If ever these scenarios happen to you, call our 24-hour hotline immediately! Our emergency car locksmith services can assist you anytime and anywhere in and around Newcastle.

24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738


residential expert Locksmith New CastleIt’s safe to say that most the clients who hire our services come mostly from homeowners. Most of the time they would purchase our new locks and have us install them on their doors. They would also purchase our recent line of high-end security systems. It’s understandable. It’s better to make your home more secure, and as they say, “better safe than sorry.” As for emergencies where our expertise are needed right away, we usually get urgent calls from homeowners who got locked out of their homes. Most of the time our customers are reluctant to admit that they left their keys inside because it’s embarrassing. However, such lockout scenario is better than lost keys. When it comes to lost keys, we encourage our customers to have their locks replaced with a new one because there might be a chance that the old key would fall into the wrong hands. If you want to know more about our emergency residential locksmith services, don’t hesitate to call us through our hotline at (02) 4025 9738.


Commerical locksmith - security lock

We have special considerations for our clients from the commercial sector. It’s safe to say that the commercial sector requires a higher need for security. Since business is a venue for money, business owners will always be on the lookout for thieves or robbers, and that’s already a tedious task for the owner. Locksmith Newcastle understands that headache very well since we’re also running a business. Traditional locks won’t work for many business establishments these days as it requires a more modern approach to security.

Business owners will be pleased to know that they have several options to choose in our mobile shop. With our wide selection of state-of-the-art security system, business owners can determine what’s the perfect security system for their establishment. We have digital pads, card readers, and even shortwave radio fobs that can throw traditional locks back into the stone age. The main advantages of keyless entry security system is that it gives owners more flexibility and control over who has access to your business. Ask about our commercial locksmith services and one of our locksmiths can go over your options and give you a quote.

Our mobile locksmiths are available throughout the Newcastle area! Call our 24-hr emergency locksmith hotline, and we’ll head over to you immediately!

24hr Hotline: (02) 4025 9738